Daniel Magagnin

Being a part of this outstanding nursery team from the very beginning, when the nursery was opened, has given me an excellent foundation and a deep understanding of the homely ethos and rich vision in education found at Katey’s Nursery & Pre-school.

Here I had the opportunity to work and lead in our Pre-school class, also known as ‘The Apples’, for a number of years; nurturing, teaching and preparing children to face one of the most important transitions in their lives: going to Big School. Following the completion of my BA Hons in Education Studies and after many years working alongside Katey as her Deputy, I became the Nursery Manager for the Kingston setting.

My passion for Education, although partially inherited from my Mother and Grandmother, who were both Teachers; comes from seeing each child as a valuable individual, capable and ready to learn in order to reach their full potential. The opportunity to provide children with an environment in which they feel safe and are challenged to the best of their abilities, exposing them to rich learning experiences that will equip them with all necessary qualities to succeed in their future academic stage, is what I consider to be my mission. This is something that can only be accomplished with great dedication alongside a team of practitioners who share the same vision, a team that I have the pleasure to lead and work with everyday at Kateys Nursery & Pre-School, and of which I am immensely proud to be part.

During my leisure time I enjoy reading, running and even gardening. I also enjoy organising charity events and participating in philanthropic activities.

My working days are Mondays to Fridays, between 8am and 5pm.