Laxmi Patel

Hello, my name is Laxmi Patel.

I am deeply passionate, enthusiastic and a compassionate professional. I have extensive experience with working with children and their families.

I have worked and been involved in various roles in early years for the last thirty-two years. Some of these roles include, nursery practitioner, nursery proprietor / manager, tutor (teaching young adults levels 2, 3 and 5 in Children and Young People’s Workforce and functional skills level 1 and 2 in Math, English and ICT) and most currently as an Ofsted Inspector. I hold a BA (Hons) in Working in Integrated Services for Children & Young People. Partnership with parents is integral, to the way I work.

I am committed to providing outstanding education and safe childcare, giving each child a happy, healthy, and stimulating start for their lives. I look forward to meeting you all.