Coronavirus FAQ page for more information on how current advice affects you and your nursery

In line with current government guidelines, our nurseries remain open.

This is a transitional time for everyone and during this ever-changing situation, we endeavour to offer our families as much clarity as possible as to how we are approaching each new phase, and what procedures we are putting in place to keep everyone safe.

Please see below for our Coronavirus FAQs. We are constantly updating these in line with new guidance, and will issue further notices as and when changes occur.

As always, our families and our team of educators are our highest priority and we are committed to keeping everyone safe and well during these unprecedented circumstances.

What measures have you put in place to protect the children and your team members in the nursery?

To safeguard those who work in, and are educated in, our nurseries, we have put in place a number of procedures. These include:

  • Keeping children and team members within their own room “bubble” and preventing mixing between bubbles
  • Increased cleaning and hand washing routines
  • Parents picking up and dropping off at the front door to minimise the risk of transmission
  • Our team practising social distancing measures at drop off and pick up, standing 2m apart from parents and wearing masks
  • A ban on unscheduled visitors
  • Covid compliant settles for any new starters
  • PPE requirements for our team at certain points in the day

If my child contracts coronavirus, or has symptoms and has to self isolate, do I still have to pay?

Yes, normal sickness rules apply and you will be required to pay fees while your child is off sick.

Any child that exhibits coronavirus symptoms will be asked to return home and isolate for the required time or until a negative test result is returned. Recognised coronavirus symptoms are currently listed as a temperature of 37.8 and above, continuous coughing or the loss of taste and/or smell.

For clarity, current government guidance stipulates that the person with symptoms should isolate for 10 days. The rest of their household should also isolate for 10 days to ensure that everybody in the household is no longer contagious.

While we appreciate that this may be inconvenient for families, we will be asking everyone to comply with these isolation timelines for the continued safety of all families and our team members.

Please note, children attending childcare settings are eligible for testing so please do ensure a test is accessed.

If another child or a team member in my child’s bubble at nursery has a confirmed case of coronavirus, does my child have to self isolate, and do I still have to pay?

The current government guidance stipulates that should there be a confirmed case in a bubble at nursery, all children and team members in that bubble will have to self isolate for 10 days. Should this happen we will contact all parents in the bubble and request that they come and collect their children and quarantine for the expected period.

During this requested isolation period, we will not allow any children or team members from this bubble back to nursery before the 10 day period is over, even if they test negative during that time. This is because the symptoms can take some time to manifest.

From January 11th we are asking all families whose child has to isolate because of a closed bubble to pay 30% of their normal fees for the time that they are unable to attend. If fees for the month have already been paid, a credit will be raised against your next invoice.

Anyone else in the child’s household is not expected to isolate unless the child starts showing symptoms of coronavirus, in which case you should get tested and the guidance above applies.

Is my child eligible for testing, and how do I go about getting them tested?

You can request a test for you or your child from the NHS by visiting

Please note, there is a very high demand for tests at the moment and people in hospital and key workers (including NHS and social care staff) are currently getting priority.

Should my child wear a face mask?

Following government guidelines, we do not recommend that children wear face masks.

My circumstances have changed and I’d like to reduce my days, or give notice to end my child’s place at nursery. Can I give you notice now?

Yes, in line with our T&C’s, written notice can be given at any time for your contracted notice period. We are unable to suspend or hold places open without normal fees being applied.

Can I continue to claim for my funding even if I am not attending?

Yes, you can. Please make sure that you reconfirm your 30 hours code during this time to make sure that funding is allocated.

Will I be charged if the nursery has to close due to Covid?

We will offer all families an 80% discount on fees for the duration of any total nursery closure.

What are my Terms and Conditions at this time?

All of our T&Cs are now back to normal, with the exception of the new 10-day self-isolation period, if a case is confirmed in your child’s bubble at nursery, and fee discount in the event of a nursery closure.

You can check your full T&Cs within your signed parent contract. Please do get in touch with your Nursery Manager if you have any questions about this.