Urszula Jagiello

My name is Urszula and I am the Manager of Katey’s Nursery & Pre-School here in Hampton Court – a beautiful corner of Surrey, situated on the South bank of the River Thames.

I have always had an interest and passion for education, children’s development and their learning, especially in terms of their language development. I hold a BA Hons degree in Linguistics.

I have spent several years developing my skills in this field, and becoming a parent myself, opened my eyes further to the fascinating world of early years teaching. In particular, how the early stages of a child’s development can be inspired to cultivate their natural instincts and eagerness to learn.

I have been at Katey’s Nursery and Pre-School for nearly 4 years, starting as a Practitioner and most recently working as Room Leader for our Nursery in Roehampton.

Our lovely Nursery is fortunate to be just a stone’s throw away from Hampton Court Palace, the gardens and the river Thames – the perfect location for exploration and outdoor fun with the children. Our strong belief is the environment a child learns in, and the interactions they have with adults, contributes greatly to their development and social skills. In line with this, our Hampton Court Nursery is well designed for all sorts of stimulating interactions, and to encourage curiosity and extended learning opportunities. We have drawn from everything we have learnt over the years from our other branches, to make this branch the most inspiring and learning-rich environment for a child’s development that can be achieved.

It has been a real pleasure to be a part of the Katey’s Nursery team for the past 4 years and to have had the opportunities to learn and develop that have been laid out before me. I feel honoured to be the branch Manager of Katey’s Nursery here in Hampton Court and I am looking forward to upholding the very high standards of care and education we provide across all our branches.

I am a strong believer in sports and healthy eating habits – coming from a very sporty family, and being a licensed lifeguard, I have an inherited interest in spending time outdoors and living in harmony with nature. In my free time I enjoy travelling, sailing, dog walking, working on home improvements, and exploring the beauty of the great outdoors with my family.

My working hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm

I look forward to welcoming you Kateys Nursery & Pre-School, Hampton Court.