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Our beautiful and truly unique, Reggio Emilia inspired Teddington nursery is flooded with natural light, and each classroom filled with multi-sensorial and bespoke hand-crafted equipment and fixtures. A piazza with a 25’ glass ceiling forms the heart of the nursery, where everyone meets and interacts, giving a sense of belonging within our own little community. We have a stage for productions, and mezzanine libraries and unique quiet spaces for reading and learning, and of course, an inspiring outdoor activity space. As well as all the irresistible learning we do within our classrooms, the children also venture out at least once a day within the local neighborhood; exploring the surrounding parks, woodlands, and important public spaces, creating a sense of belonging to the greater community. We truly believe learning is never a solo experience, it happens with the interaction of others: children, adults, environment, and spaces. Our children live this every day they are with us.




Our children enjoy weekly dance lessons with a former professional dancer, drawing on their natural abilities, nurturing inventiveness and building physical self confidence as their movement vocabulary develops.



We have lots of musical instruments and qualified musicians within our setting. During your child’s time with us they will be introduced to a range of instruments from violins to didgeridoos, all within a structured and fun environment.



Once a week all children don their chef’s hats and aprons and prepare all manner of creative food goodies, hot and cold. Messy, and exceptionally tasty fun!



Being a diverse nursery with staff from around the world, we hold structured language classes in many of the mother tongues spoken by our team, including Spanish, German and Chinese. We will introduce these to your children in a fun way through games, song and role-play.


The Manager

At Kateys we pride ourselves on the calibre of our staff, and the longevity of their service – in fact, we have never had to use bank staff, which many nurseries now cannot survive without. Our team are carefully selected for their qualifications, past experience,  and passion and enthusiasm for children and learning. They are lead by the cream of our crop, Managers and leaders who live and breathe childcare.


We have three different age range classes in Teddington, we call them Cherries, Plums and our biggest boys and girls, the Apples.


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We have our own dedicated in-house Chef based in Ham, Carlos de Oliveira.  Everyday Carlos prepares exceptional, nutritious and delicious dishes for the children, always using fresh ingredients from scratch. Our fresh meat and poultry are sourced from a highly regarded local butcher, and our fresh fruit and vegetables from one of Kingston’s oldest and best thought of family Greengrocers. Our meals are balanced, interesting and always enjoyed enthusiastically by children and staff alike. Our staff, many of whom are passionate foodies themselves, eat the same dishes alongside the children at every meal time. Their only complaint ever being, that we are ruining their diets as the food is too good!

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We work for and with parents to provide the safest, and most stimulating and loving environment possible for your child.  Our staff in Teddington are with us due to their outstanding passion for childcare and education and for their professionalism and commitment to the children they care for. The unique small environment of our nursery, coupled with high staff levels, ensures  every child gets the one-on-one attention they deserve, and that will give them the confidence to move onto their next developmental stage in life with ease and surety.

Staff at several of the local schools our children go onto, comment they can always tell a child from Kateys because of their confidence, and how well prepared they are for school. We like to think that when your child leaves us, they go onto any school or setting you choose, and are fully prepared and happy within themselves.

We would welcome the opportunity to talk with you personally about your child and to show you around our lovely nursery.

Katey Barrington