Welcome to the Peaches Classroom

“Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment”

Every child is unique and develops at their own pace.
We all know the toddler years are a time of great cognitive, linguistic, physical, social and emotional development. As children emerge from toddlerhood they are becoming more autonomous, developing a strong sense of self and their imagination is taking off- partaking in make-believe play is a hallmark of this age along with fears about the ordinary and extraordinary. Our team is here to facilitate learning in all areas of development by providing active learning experiences in a safe and loving environment. In addition, we aim to set your child on that road to independence and understanding of the world by providing age and stage appropriate activities that will enable your child to face challenges and encourage them to further their learning and understanding. With that knowledge comes responsibility. We present your children with the opportunities to refine their skills and work to the best of their potential in a holistic manner The Peaches class is designed to meet all the areas of learning contained in the Early Years Foundation Stage. Upon entry, the Quiet Room where reading, construction, small world and ICT play take place, you will find a coat rack with a picture of your child signalling where their possessions should kept. The toilet area is located next followed by the Creative room where role-play, messy-play, mark-making, cooking, dancing, physical and sorting activities take place. This is also the area where the Peaches have their meals.

The Peaches class is designed to meet all the areas of learning contained in the Early Years Foundation Stage. The classroom is set up with rich learning areas, which provide the children with vital opportunities to develop their abilities and skills. These opportunities include a role-play area, sensory corner, small-world and various resources which encourage the child to explore and experiment independently – referred to ‘child-initiated play’ in the EYFS. The classroom is located in between the younger toddler’s group (Plums) and the pre-school (Apples), allowing the children to engage and interact with their peers throughout the day and maintaining the community feel, which is paramount to our ethos.

The Peaches are given a high level of independence during meal-times. We always eat together. Our meals are served in warming pots with serving spoons that enable children to self-serve under supervision. We also encourage children to pour their own drinks into a coloured cup of their choice with little or no help and clear up after themselves. We motivate children to be independent by utilising positive reinforcement in the form of praising, supporting and acknowledging their efforts even if they do not achieve their intended goal or make mess while doing so. We believe it is important to be patient and highlight the fact that children have tried to serve themselves and that they have done a good job regardless of the outcome. Our meal-times are also a great time to practice manners. “Please”, and “thank you” are mandatory. We also choose a child to be our ‘Helper of the day’ to hand out plates and cutlery to their peers and carer’s. This teaches children to be grateful for what they are being given and patience. We pride ourselves on how fantastically behaved our Peaches are and hope they will/are doing the same at

Our lunch is served at 12pm and Tea at 4pm. Please inform us of any allergies, food restrictions your child may have. All our meals are prepared onsite.