About Kingston

At Katey’s Nursery & Pre-School we provide a fun, caring & stimulating environment for children up to 5 years old, where our priority is to ensure that your child is happy and developing his or her physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills whilst being taken care of by our professional team.

We have a planned, play based curriculum that covers the seven areas of learning as defined by the Early Years Foundation Stage, which is the national guidance for the Early Years. We plan activities following the children’s interest; the activities cover particular themes and topics throughout the year. We evaluate the effectiveness of our plans and assess the children’s progress.

Our nursery has a terrace for all the children to use and enjoy and extend their learning. We also go on outings at least once a day within our local neighbourhood. We are very fortunate to be situated a short walk from Canbury Gardens and the Thames, so a trip to feed the ducks is a popular excursion, as well as going to the playground. We provide ‘out of the setting’ activities and we believe that children learn best whilst being in nature and exposed to the natural and real environment.

Our Staff

Our Staff are approachable, experienced and energetic; they hold Childcare and First Aid qualifications, and attend regular further training.

Free Nursery Education

Our aim is to ensure that every child has access to our educational programme; and we aim to offer nursery funding when needed. For further information, please feel free to come and chat with me.

Settling in period

The settling in process is a gradual introduction for your child; to the nursery, to the other children, activities, daily programme and staff. It is also a gradual withdrawal of your presence and these two aspects are carefully and sensitively planned by the parent and the Key Worker together. The Key Worker is a member of staff that will work with your child and that will be working on forming a strong bond with your child from the first day your child comes to the nursery; the Key Worker will make sure that your child is happy and well taken care of and will provide a personal learning provision to your child.

We know that the first weeks of your child attending the nursery are of crucial importance to their later happiness in the nursery, so we will provide extra care during this process to maximise your child’s happiness and well-being the best we can.

How do you know this is the place for your child?

Katey’s Nursery & Pre-School offers a very warm and supportive environment for your child; your child’s happiness, well-being and development are our priorities. In meeting this, we work in partnership with parents and welcome you to visit, call or feedback to us at any time; we value your opinion and will work with you to provide the best care for your child.

Food and drinks

We regard snack and meal times as an important part of our daily routine. Mealtimes are sociable and enjoyable time, shared as a whole group, creating opportunities for ‘catch-up amongst the children, and for the older children to model good behaviours to the younger children.

We aim to provide nutritious food which meets the children’s individual dietary needs. Menus are planned in advance and offer a healthy, balanced diet. Each meal is freshly prepared by our chef and we cater for all dietary needs. Drinks consist of milk, water and squash.